The Way We Operate

Our well experienced team of producers receives around 200 proposals each year. From these we carefully choose up to 6 new projects each year in all stages of development and production. In this way we can continue our work as an intimate, totally involved team in all of our projects. We then suggest a tailor- made working plan for each project according to its needs. We offer an in house intensive development process accompanied by a reliable support system for the author while being in this initial stage.

Along with our emphasis script development, we go about assembling the best fitted production package for the project, using our strong ties with leading film organizations, such as: production and distribution companies, film funds, television stations, training institutes, film festivals, private investors, etc. this enables us to create a co production layout which will secure the right package for the project.

During the production period we use a variety of "out of the box" techniques for supplying the best production services possible while being in constant artistic dialogue with the director and main crew. We continue our total involvement in the editing room leaving the final cut to the film director. During this period we plan our final marketing, distribution and festival strategy.

We strongly believe that major festival exposure is an essential ingredient to a film's international success. All of our films sp far were selected for major film festivals, such as Cannes, Berlin, Toronto, Tokyo, IDFA and have won prestigious prizes.