The Frame

Imagine your whole life - Reduce to one Frame

8 couples in an exciting, cross platform reality show where they have to stay within the boundaries of a fixed camera shot inside their homes for 30 days. Whether they're a couple, best friends, roommates or family members, they will try to be the last couple to stay in The Frame.
At the end of the season two remaining couples will complete for the grand cash prize.

Viewers will be able to follow the couples 24/7 on the show's website. Online, couples will be ranked by popularity using groundbreaking audience participation technology. The couples will have to keep their frame interesting at all times or risk being eliminated.

The two couples with the least Popularity Points will have to fight each week for their spot in The Frame during a live prime-time broadcast, competing in various missions individually or against each other.

Whether it's a singing contest, a battle of wits or physical assignments, they will have to win the missions and the viewer's hearts.

The format was bought in the US by the CW network.

28 additional countries have bought options.

Broadcast in Spain and Turkey,

Cast & Crew
Format By:

Amit Stretiner, Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad, Lior Meiri