The Lost Loves Diaries


WW2 separated young Bernie and Ellis as they had to go underground. They promise to each keep a diary. After Bernie disappeared in mid war, heartbroken Ellis married another man. On the morning of her wedding day a package arrived, in it was Bernie's diary. Overwhelmed by the turn of events, Ellis buried the diary deep in her suitcase and set out for Palestine, where she started a new life. For 65 years the diary remained untouched, until now. Following clues from the diary, Ellis sets out on a detective search to find out what ever happened to Bernie.

2010/ ISRAEL/ 50 min/ Beta/ Color/ Hebrew
The film was produced with the support of: The rabinovich Foundation-Cinema Project, YES Docu, Yad Vashem

Cast & Crew

Yasmine Novak


Yasmine Novak


Ellis (Elisheva) Lehman-Cohen Paraira

Shulamith Bitran-Lehman

Director of Photography:

Nadav Hekselman


Arik Lahav Leibovich

Original Score:

Daphna Keenan


Eilon Ratzkovsky

Yossi Uzrad

Guy Jacoel

Noa Lifshitz

The Lost Loves Diaries

The Lost Loves Diaries


New York Jewish Film Festival 2011 Internationl Women's Film Festival Rehovot, 2011 Jerusalem Film Festival 2011