The Money Drop

At the start of the game a pair of contestants are provided with 1 million Shekels in cash in bundles of 25K.

In order to keep the cash, all of it or some of it, they must answer a series of 8 multiple-choice questions correctly.

Their winnings are the sum that they are left with after answering all 8 questions. At the beginning of each round, the contestants have to pick a category out of two choices they are presented with.

After the question has been read out, the contestants have one minute to decide on their answer or answers and physically move their bundles of money onto trap doors corresponding to the answer/s which they choose.

The trap-doors relating to incorrect answers will then fall open, dropping any money placed on them and that cash is now out of the game.

During the show viewers are encouraged to play along online. Statistics showing the home viewers performance appears on screen during the broadcast. In the Israeli show the best Online player is invited to play live over the phone from his home for a possible prize of half a million Shekels.


2 seasons have been produced for keshet, Channel 2, Israel.

Cast & Crew

Araz Tal

Format By:



Amit Stretiner


Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad

The Money Drop