The clock is counting down 8, 7, 6. The hero’s hands are shaking, his nerves are shot. He wipes his brow as sweat trickles down his temples. The music is building up to a crescendo and the suspense is unbearable! It’s a familiar scene - we all know what he has to do, take a deep breath, clear his head and cut the right wire… The only difference is – this time it’s YOU. BOOM! fuses the drama, intensity and thrill of ablockbuster action movie with the high octane fun of avideo game to create an explosive trivia challenge.A unique visual concept coupled with a rollercoasterof laughter and adrenaline -BOOM!’s fresh approachrolls the intellectual AND physical challenges of existinggame shows into one must-see event for viewers of allages. BOOM! delivers fierce tension and light-heartedhumor in quick succession, extending the experiencenot only to those in the studio, but also viewers at homewho can play along via a fun, cool app to neutralize theirown bombs on screen, in the knowledge that making amistake that will BOOM! them. 

Sold to: US [FOX], Spain, Hungary.


Produced for keshet, Channel 2, Israel.

Cast & Crew

Ido Rosenblum

Format By:

Keshet, Ido Rosenblum and July-August Productions



Amit Stretiner

Ori Dror


Lisa Shiloach Uzrad