It's more than a game show, it’s a battle.

TUG is a fast-paced game show that is literally on the move from the first minute until the last.

In TUG two teams go head to head in a tug of war of knowledge. Each team consists of three contestants that will take turns in a trivia based game of tug of war that takes place on an impressive “money-rail”.

Open questions are asked and answered rapidly, the contestants are always in motion and turnovers can happen when you least expect it.

TUG is played on a huge money-ladder, where the contestants are continuously on the move while pulling the rope, and answering questions. Just like in a real Tug of war, the aim of the game is to pull your opponent over the centerline (which is called the Zero-line in TUG), while trying to remain still in your position in order to secure as much money as possible for your team. However, to be successful in TUG, instead of using your muscles, you need to use your brain.

So pick up your ropes, get ready to pull and let’s play TUG!




Stills: Ariel Shruster

Cast & Crew

Yaron Brovinsky

Format By:

Amit Stretiner, Eitan Brown , Lisa Shiloach -Uzrad and Michael Rothschild


Amit Stretiner


Lisa Shiloach-Uzrad, Idit Mistriel and Lihi Goldberg