Hitparzut X (original title)

Ilan Ben Natan, a 58-year-old Professor of Astrophysics, is married to the young and lovely Naomi. He is obsessively in love with her, and keeps track of her every move. One day Ilan discovers that his deepest fears have come true. Naomi has a lover. He seeks the advice of his elderly German-born mother, who suggests he leave the matter alone and allow the affair to die out on its own. But Ilan is unable to control himself. He follows his wife and is tortured by what he sees. One day, Ilan goes behind his wife’s back, confronts her lover and commits a horrible act, the consequences of which will weigh heavily on his conscience.


ISRAEL/FRANCE / 35mm / Scope/ Color /102min./ Hebrew
Co – Production of July August Productions, Ez Films Paris

The film was produced with the support of: The Israeli Film Fund, Keshet, HOT

Cast & Crew

Eitan Zur


Edna Mazya (based on her novel Hitparzut X)


Yossi Polak, Mellanie Peres, Orna Porat, Suheil Haddad, Rami Heuberger

Director of Photography:

Shai Goldman


Boaz Lion

Production designer:

Eitan Levy


Orit Azoulay

Costume designer:

Yael Shenberger

Original Score:

Adrian Blaise


Eilon Ratzkovsky

Elie Meirovitz

Yossi Uzrad

Guy Jacoel

Yochanan Kredo



Hitparzut X (original title)

67 Venice Film Festival 2010 -2007


Hitparzut X (original title)