The Well


Four geeky fantasy buffs will have to become the heroes to save their town from unimaginable danger. The story begins one moonlit night when our heroes are pranked by their class bully and find themselves all alone in the forest surrounding the town. If that’s not enough, they accidentally open the lid of a mysterious well and sets free a supernatural being that was never supposed to get out. When in the following days weird and spooky things start to occur all over the town, the four friends begin to recognize the connection between that and the opening of the well and realize that only they can fix whatever it was they did. That eventful night in the forest is the beginning of a mysterious adventure far beyond anything they could have imagined.

The Well is as much a meaningful coming of age drama as it is a suspenseful, nail-biting yarn.  In order to solve the mystery, our heroes will have to mature and figure out who they really are, what they are capable of, and the fact that the adult world, which they will soon be part of, is much more complicated and ambiguous than they thought.