Omri Gordon -Plan B

Omri Gordon – Plan B

When a cool, laid-back and self-absorbed rock-star finds an Ethiopian baby on his doorstep, holding a note saying he’s the dad, he does everything in his power to resist his fate, but in the process realizes life has given him a whole new song to sing.  Omri Gordon’s claim to fame is his ethnically diverse group of band members. This “politically correct” appearance is put to the test when he discovers he has a child of mixed race origin  Even though Omri did have an affair with one of his singer’s sisters, he refuses to believe the child is his.

He is not ready to become a dad and in addition believes that a child will ruin his chances of winning back Yael, his great lost love. If Yael finds out Omri fathered a child while the two of them dated, all the long-stem roses in the world won’t bring her back. But once the paternity test comes back positive, Omri has to face a new reality.  Season one follows Omri as he is coming to terms with his unexpected leap into fatherhood while struggling with his own fraught relationship with his parents and trying to get his girl back.    Through socially awkward encounters, Omri will experience how race issues can become much more personal…

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