Significant Other

Significant other

A new romantic comedy centered around two neighbors in their late 40’s – a single woman and a newly separated  man –  who find themselves living door- to- door in the same apartment building , and embark on enter a hesitant, obstacle-filled romantic relationship. Assi left a twenty year marriage and two children, hoping to spice up his life, but almost immediately regrets it. His wife refuses to forgive him and now won’t take him back . Alone in his new and miserable apartment, he decides to commit suicide to make her feel guilty. Swallowing  a cabinet full of medicine,  he lies down in bed, and waits to die. His hope for eternal rest is quickly disrupted by a stubborn, persistent ringing at the door. His neighbor from across the hall  is in the midst of a heart attack and asks him to wait with her until the ambulance arrives, as she doesn’t want to die alone. He lets her into his home and together – they wait. When the ambulance arrives, the paramedics have to evacuate them both. From this ill-fated encounter,  Dana and Assi – two lonely people who have lost all faith in love,  discover that even when life seems to have passed them by – there are still surprises to be had.

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