Sleeping bears

Sleeping bears

When dark secrets threaten to destroy her closest relationships, teacher Hadas is drawn into a complex and deeply personal search for the truth in this gripping psychological drama from Keren Margalit, award-winning creator of The A Word.

Working at a school for “high risk” pupils, every day Hadas fights in her own special way for her students, treading carefully through each’s own unique universe. But her world is turned upside down when she receives an envelope containing sections torn out of her psychologist Ya’akov Eshel’s diary – papers documenting their private conversations. And, on the same night, Ya’akov is unexpectedly killed in a car accident, cutting off any chance for Hadas to discover how the diary came to be in a stranger’s hands.

In a desperate search to track down the anonymous sender, Hadas will be forced to deal with the truths she has concealed from those closest to her – and from herself. As her 40th birthday approaches, Hadas is stuck in a less than passionate marriage and also suffers from an ever-growing fear of impending death. The investigation will impact every aspect of her life, shaking her relationships with her husband, her boss and her best friend, as well as the bonds she has strived to build with her students.

Sleeping Bears blends a captivating thriller with a moving drama focusing on our ability to trust those we are closest to, as Hadas questions the fundamental elements of every human connection – love, trust and, ultimately, truth.

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