Couples Therapy

Three orphaned brothers receive an inheritance from a rich uncle they did not know. They get a castle, a factory and a cat named Cramel. The brothers move from a small house to a magnificent castle, full of everything they could only dream of. But very soon, they discover that great danger lies in the castle. The evil housekeeper covets everything their uncle passed on to them and is willing to do anything and everything to get it. Motifs from all classic fairytales we grew up on are embedded in the world of Cramel: a talking cat that can disappear, an evil housekeeper, a greedy orphanage manager, a mad wizard, stones that turn to gold and much more … all creating a magical weave of mystery, suspense, and lots of humor. Cramel is the most successful series in Israel’s Kan kids channel history. Breaking all viewing records, with over 15 million views, and season 2 already in production.

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